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Jin Yan Tang

Chinese herbal medicine Acupuncture Massage

Common aches and pains tend to occur in the back, neck, hip, shoulder and feet, and health conditions such as arthritis are often to blame for more complex cases.

While there are medical treatments available to help alleviate symptoms and enable people to better manage their aches and pains, learning to cope mentally and physically may require additional self-help remedies and techniques.

Traditional Chinese Medicine  is most effective and easy way to treat your body problems when GP can not help you. injured muscles, body aches,  arthritis ,twisted ankles ,sport injuries and stress ,insomnia, depression, indigestion, stomach ache, infertility, menstrual problems, etc are better than GP  treatment.

ACUPUNCTURE  is treatment  that stimulate  meridian channels in your body by small fine needles   to make  yin yang balance and remove heat and release tension and relieve pains , calms the mind  and body.

CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE are using natural plant and   flowers and barks and roots  processed dried and some are roasted and some are fried and  treat five organs and six hollow organs balance and harmonise in your body and purges toxins and tumours,  expels wind heat  and dampness ,healing  and revigorate  your body from exhaustion and tiredness,  can treat skin problems and prevent  you from age problems and keep you younger and healthy.


CHINESE MASSAGE AS known TUINA ,is popular  around world , it is special manipulation to massage hard and deeply to stimulate meridian channel and acupoint  to treat various muscular skeleton  problems .

Also we have  Reflexology, aromatherapy, Holistic massage , Pregnancy massage.